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Why Choose IceTech Equipment?

IceTech KG20 Dry Ice Blaster

IceTech dry ice blasting and dry ice manufacturing equipment is the ideal choice for several reasons, including:

Consumption of Dry Ice and Compressed Air

  • IceTech equipment uses up to 60% less dry ice than that of our competitors but you still obtain the same or even higher cleaning results.
  • One machine working 2 hours/day could mean additional costs of up to USD 10,360 p.a. on dry ice only.
  • IceTech machines use less compressed air; in most cases you can apply the existing air supply.
  • Purchase of a competitor's system may require further investments in additional air supply equipment.


  • IceTech Inc. offers a 24 hour hotline service / 7 days a week. Actually it is our experience that 90% of all problems are solved on the phone.
  • Avoid expensive and time-consuming service contracts; our service CDs and the trouble shooter in our manual enable you to handle most of the repairs / part replacements that may occur.
  • Spare parts are shipped and delivered from stock via courier within 24 hours provided that you place your order by 12.00 noon eastern time.

Spare Parts

A very significant cost consideration is spare parts. Below is a simple chart showing how much less expensive IceTech spare parts are compared to that of the competition:

IceTech Equipment Competitor's Equipment
Blasting gun, standard up to 149% more expensive
Round nozzle, 7 mm up to 186% more expensive
Feeding disc up to 94% more expensive

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