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IceTech Documents for Download

Select from the following documents available for download

Dry Ice Blasters:
IceTech KG12, KG30 and KG50
Battery Series - IceTech KG6, KG6 Basic and KG20
Dry Ice Pelletizers:
IceMaker PR150 and PR300
IceMaker PR150 Spec Sheet
IceMaker PR300 Spec Sheet
Dry Ice Containers:
IceTech IT100, IT200, IT300 and IT500
Automated Equipment :
COMBI 75 - Automated Dry Ice Production and Dry Ice Blasting
Fan Nozzles with Attachment Options
Assorted Nozzles
Spare Parts - Gun
Spare Parts - Blasting Hose
Light Gun System
Box of IT1 Nozzles
Box of IT2 Nozzles
Box of Flat Nozzles
Box of Ice Splitter Nozzles
Box of Spare Parts
Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

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