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In-House Samples Test Cleaned

C Three Microclean Corporation offers test cleaning of sample pieces at their facility at 393 Powers Dr in El Dorado Hills, CA. Having pieces (small parts or equipment) test cleaned with dry ice blasting equipment is an ideal way to determine viability of the dry ice blasting process for your applications. A nominal fee could be assessed depending on the customer's requests.

What C Three Microclean Corporation provides for in-house samples cleaning:

  • 24 hour turnaround (when scheduling permits)
  • the ability to clean small and larges parts and equipment
  • high pressure cleaning using our own portable diesel compressors
  • a report of results including: video and photos of the dry ice blast cleaning performed, PSI and CFM used, dry ice blasting machine and nozzle configuration used
  • non-disclosure of results (confidentiality is guaranteed when requested)

Call us today for more information at (916) 458-8362 and to schedule a sample test cleaning for your company.

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