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Dry Ice Blasting Rental Machines

IceTech Model KG30

C Three Microclean Corporation offers machine rental contracts for New England and New York (see below for further details). Our blast cleaning equipment is lightweight and fully portable. Machine rentals are an ideal way to evaluate IceTech dry ice blasting equipment or to complete a single cleaning project. We offer the following equipment for rent:

Dry Ice Blasting Rental Options

  • IceTech Model KG30 - offers maximum operating capabilities of up to 230 PSI, dry ice feed rate ranging from 66 to 220 lbs per hour, 66 lb hopper capacity, single hose blasting technology.

Standard Rental Items

Included with the rental are:

  • IceTech Model KG30
  • 32 foot of 1 inch blasting hose
  • Blasting gun
  • IT2 box of assorted blasting nozzles
  • 32 feet of 1 inch diameter air hose
Additional Items Available for Rental:
  • Air Hose - Additional air hose upon request, 1 inch diameter air line hose in 50 foot lengths is available. All hose rentals are equipped with 1 inch NPT (Chicago) supply fittings.
  • Blasting Hose.
  • After-Cooler Air Treatment System - This is will be critical equipment if you will need to be using a diesel compressor or your shop air is wet and dirty. This will require 110v to operate the fan.

Dry Ice Sales

Dry ice pellets can also be provided upon request. Orders can be delivered to your facility. Minimum orders are 500 lbs. Allow 48 hours for delivery. Please call for pricing and availability.

Machine Rental Period Options

Dry ice blast cleaning machine rental units and air treatment systems can be rented for periods of:

  • One week
  • Two weeks
  • Three weeks
  • One month
  • Two months

Region of Rental Distribution

Dry ice blasting machines are made available for rental from C Three Microclean Corporationfor the western states of California (CA), Oregon (OR), andWashington (WA).

Customer Requirements for IceTech Model KG30 Rental Units

The items you will need to provide are the following:

  • Hoses and fittings from your air supply (1 inch NPT Chicago supply fittings required; Note: RSG Technologies will supply 32 feel of one inch air hose)
  • At least 150 CFM (approx 40-50 HP ) @ 100 PSI to be effective; if you are renting a portable diesel compressor, you will need at least a 185 CFM unit.
  • Clean dry air. Preferably with refrigerated air dryer, oil filter and particulate filter
  • A local source of dry ice pellets. (contact us for pricing and availability)
  • Proper safety equipment, such as hearing protection, eye, face and hand protection
  • A segregated area where the noise levels (up to 130dB) won't interfere with production

Call us at (916) 458-8362 for more information or to reserve a machine for rental. Or submit an information request form and we will reply back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Why Rent IceTech Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

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