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Dry Ice Pelletizers

IceMaker PR150 & IceTech PR300

PR150 / PR300 Pellets

The IceTech IceMaker dry ice pelletizer presents a revolutionary alternative to existing dry ice making machines. The IceMaker pelletizer provides non-stop supply of high-density dry ice pellets from a source of low temperature liquid carbon dioxide. From a storage tank, a regulated supply of liquid CO2 is expanded to low pressure and forms the dry ice snow which is then pressed through a multiport extruder die by a single acting horizontal reciprocating piston.

A special pipeline connects the IceMakerdry ice pelletizer to a storage tank with liquid CO2. The liquid CO2 flow is regulated and part of it is converted into CO2 snow by means of sudden, artificially induced changes in pressure and temperature. The CO2 snow is then compressed by a single-acting, horizontally reciprocating piston which presses it through an extruder plate in order to produce high-density dry ice pellets..

A specially designed heat exchanger assures that the cooling time is minimized and that the production start-up is accelerated in order to maintain a production of homogeneous dry ice pellets of high quality. The heat exchanger is adaptable to local conditions at each installation in order to obtain the best possible performance in each case.

The IceMaker is mounted in a solid, firm and closed steel cabinet. The cabinet is muffled in order to limit the noise level.

IceTech IceMaker 150 Dry Ice Pelletizer IceTech IceMaker 300 Dry Ice Pelletizer
IceMaker PR150
IceMaker PR300

Technical Data:
Weight 700 kg / 1,543 lbs 1,250 kg / 2,755 lbs
Dimensions (WxLxH ) 700x1,300x1,725 mm 1,300x1,300x1,625 mm
  27.5x51x64 in 51x51x64 in.
Rated Output up to 120-200 kg/hr up to 240 - 400 kg/hr
  up to 265-441 kg/hr up to 529 - 882 lbs/hr
of high quality dry ice pellets, depending on the extruder plate applied
Power Supply 4 kWH, 3 phases, 400 V 2 x 4 kWH, 3 phases, 400 V
Noise Level 75 - 80 dB(A) 75 - 80 dB(A)

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