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IceTech Dry Ice Blasters

IceTech KG6 Dry Ice Blaster IceBlast KG6S Basic IceBlast KG6S Battery IceBlast KG6S Pneumatic
IceTech Dry Ice Pelletizers IceBlast KG20S 110/230V    
IceTech KG6 Dry Ice Blaster IceBlast KG12S 110V/230V    
IceTech Dry Ice Blaster IceBlast KG30S V1 110V or 230V    
IceTech Dry Ice Blaster IceBlast KG50S V1 110V or 230V    

Dry Ice Blasters

IceTech has dry ice blasters that are both battery and electrically driven. All machines still require a compressed air source. All blasters are made of stainless steel and has a well-arranged, user-friendly control panel, making it simple to operate. They are compact in size allowing easy use in production areas.

Model KG12, 30 and 50 Dry Ice Blasters - 110/230V

The IceTech IceBlast KG12 KG30 KG50 are especially suitable for the professional user with frequent, complex and quite varying cleaning requirements.

This series of dry ice blaster machines and their accessories have been developed with the intention of manufacturing cleaning equipment that meets the wishes of especially industrial companies to minimize consequential costs of machine and plant cleaning and maintenance. When using dry ice blasting it is often possible to clean a plant or a machine while it is online, without any demounting and subsequent mounting. Since production stop-downs can thus be avoided or reduced drastically, this is a significant economic factor.

Model KG6, 20 Dry Ice Blasters - Battery-Powered

The battery model blaster units are ideal for end users that need the equipment for certain repetitive and easy cleaning tasks which neither require high-pressure levels nor long continuous periods of operation.

The jobs can be carried out satisfactorily using the compressors that are normally available at small factories, workshops, garages, etc. provided that the air is sufficiently dry and clean.

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